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I have always loved reading.  I have always loved children.  However, the perfect opportunity for me to spend time with both really happened after the birth of my first grandchild (Clemens), and it continues even stronger now that my second grandchild (Emmitt) has arrived. When I first started writing for Clemens, I called my little endeavors “Mimsy & Me.”  Now I have changed the title to “Mimsy & Us.”

Our illustrated books are written to captivate the imagination of young readers.  Our illustrator does a phenomenal job of providing visual imagery to help them fully experience the stories. We enjoy presenting our stories orally to young students.

Currently we have several young stories fully illustrated and  coloring books that we offer:

We have written Children's Bible Stories, including coloring pages for one of our books, and several Sunday School Books.  Take a look at our Bible Resource Books:

If you would like to find out how to schedule an oral reading day with Dr. Odom, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss bringing stories to life for your students.

Adventures in the Egg Plant

Clemens and Emmitt love their chickens. They also love to write stories with their Mimsy. This science fiction story takes you into a world with their chickens. A world much different than you think. Get ready for a feathered ride.
Price: $12.00


Captain Clemens and the Golden Treasure

This is a story about a captain looking for golden treasure. The captain and his crew learn a lesson while on this journey - see if you can find out what this lesson is. No pirate story would be complete without a trusted parrot - Oscar. Join Captain Clemens, First Mate Davie, and Oscar on their wild adventure to find golden treasure.
Price: $13.00


Clemens Goes to the Moon

This is a bedtime story Clemens and Mimsy tell each other when they are sleepy. They dream of Clemens going to the moon. But he needs a ride. What will he use? They go through all his rides to find the perfect one. Mimsy and Clemens love this story, and they hope you do as well.
Price: $12.75


Clemens, Rusty & Tomato Sauce

Clemens learns how difficult it is to train a puppy. Rusty, the Jack-Russell, learns what can get you in the forest. Both have a great time living their adventures as boy and best friend. This is a great story for all.
Price: $14.00


Jumping Jupiter

This is a little story about a boy with a huge imagination. He takes his first interstellar journey to his current favorite planet. Join Clemens as he jumps on his pterodactyl spaceship and shoots through space. Learn a few interesting things about Jupiter during his journey.
Price: $20.00


Mimsy's Bible Mystery Tales

Bible Mysteries - There are three stories in this book. Where's Joseph? - The search to find a lost boy whose brothers got rid of him. Who Poisoned Mother Nature? - A look at why the earth is cursed and sick. Why The Lamb? - Seeking to understand why God chose the Lamb over all other creatures as a symbol for His Son. All three of these stories are exciting mysteries found in the Bible. We will uncover clues as we search for answers. Come on, let's start sleuthing!
Price: $15.00


Mimsy's Tales of Giants, Lions, & Whales

Bible stories told by Mimsy of David, Daniel, and Jonah. In the book, children will be introduced to faith filling stories of strength, character, forgiveness, and the supernatural power of God. They will also have pages to color and activities to complete. Mimsy dedicates this book to Gideon Emmitt Odom, for he will be one on April 2, 2019. Mimsy loves Emmitt!
Price: $18.00


Who is Jesus? Student Edition

This is a student edition of a 5-lesson series entitled: Who is Jesus? The lessons take students through the final few weeks of Jesus' life. There are quizzes, activities, stories, and more for students.
Price: $12.00


Who is Jesus? Teacher Edition

This is a 5-week Sunday school resources for teachers of primary and small children.
Price: $12.00


Woody & Friends: Tale of the Soggy Sandwich

This is the story about a wood rat, Woody, and his adventures with his friends, Sluggar, Scout, and Trout. They all go on an adventure looking for food and having fun. Some days are just great when you are a rat.
Price: $11.00