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Since the launch of our ministry, we have sought to bring Christian materials to those who want to add to their Christian library and those seeking for inspiration. Dr. Odom has spent a lifetime writing her innermost feelings in the form of songs, poetry, and inspirational writing.  Finally she has started putting all of these in printed form to share with others.  In addition to her own writing, Dr. Odom and a very special friend, Mel Ann Sullivan (deceased) worked collaboratively to bring you the Warrior Princess of God Devotional Series.  There are three books in this series:

Dr. Odom is currently working on three new Warrior Princess of God devotionals. There are new additions to this series of books, including a daily Hebrew or Greek word and Author's Point of View. The women we will study in this series include: Eve, Sarah, Rebekah, Achsah, Rachel, Jochebed, Rizpah, Leah (Old Testament) and Martha, Dorcas, Elizabeth, and Anna (New Testament). The new devotional series will have the following books:

  • Warrior Princess Recharged: January - April
  • Warrior Princess Refilled: May - August
  • Warrior Princess Renewed: September - December