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Journey to Know God by Name - Session 4 Barlow Chapel Community Church


If you missed the live session last evening at Barlow Chapel Community Church, you missed a TREAT.  The Barlow Ladies' Ministry provide us with so many wonderful goodies, soups, fruit, desserts... I say we "feasted!" And I thank them so very much!

I am posting the main teaching session of the Bible study.  We had about 30 more minutes of discussion among ourselves, but you would just have to be there for all of that. :) I love the fellowship we have been having in our communities of ladies who are hungry to know God. It's been an amazing journey.  We have 3 sessions left. 

I am posting the video and handouts below.  Enjoy! Learn! Get to know God on a very personal level!

Session 4 Handouts Journey to know God by Name