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It Began at Healing Springs

Tucked far away in the Yellow Pines of Washington County, Alabama in a little town known as Millry, you will find a place that will transport you back in time: Healing Springs.  I have often been intrigued by the stories I've heard about the springs.  In 2023, I started making a few visits.  From those visits and a little family research, I started writing a story.  Now, Elizabeth Vann has published her first Christian Fiction book - a small novella of 19,000 words. I use my grandparents and their family members as the characters of the story.  I also use many historical facts from the era and town to help me build the story.  But it is a story of healing, not just from natural springs, but from God's grace and mercy. 

If you enjoy a good story and have about an hour to spare, I encourage you to take a look at It Began At Healing Springs.