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Going Deep for Family: Putting Down Roots

I was invited to speak at a local church's annual "Festival of Tables" (Millry Baptist Church).  When the women's ministry team reached out to me, they told me the theme was "older women mentoring younger women" and "putting down roots".  Well... My mind went to spinning. By the time the day of the event came, I had written a short devotional and a song. My sister (Amanda Greene) put the music to the song for me.  (My version was not as well done!) And one of my favorite girls (Ms. Ambreea Koen) sang the song for me that day.  

I think the message is clear.  We all need to put down roots deeply in God.  Go all the way until our roots reach the river of life.  We also need to be established for our families.  I wanted to share Ambreea's version of the song along with the chord sheet.  I also have the soundtrack and book available in the STORE section of the Odom Ministries page.