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Lent 2022 - Session 3 Pouring, Loving, Converting, Restoring, Redeeming, Healing, and Finding Purpose for the Soul

This session deals with several actions of our souls:

Pouring - We need to pour our souls out to the Lord as Hannah did.  He heard and answered Hannah.  When we pour ourselves before the Lord, he hears and answers us.

Loving - Jonathan loved his friend, David, as he loved himself.  How much do we love our own souls? How much do we love others? Sobering questions.

Converting - God's law converts our souls.  We are transformed and made right by his testimonies. We need a continual conversion back to our perfected state as God would have us.

Restoring - God restores us, converts us, takes us back and completes his work in our souls. 

Redeeming - God not only redeems us; he keeps us.  We will not be desolate when we completely trust in him.

Healing - The Lord will heal our souls when we confess our sins and ask.

Finding Purpose - All things will work together for us when we love him and trust in him.

Journey of the Soul Session 3 Notes