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Need a Little Wilderness Experience?


These are troubling times for sure. It has become a huge distraction for me on a daily basis.  I do my best to overlook... scroll past... have not reaction... but almost on a daily basis, I find myself upset over something I've seen or read. ENOUGH!

I need a wilderness excursion!  I need to unplug!  

One way I like to work on my own person, as well as look for ways to strengthen my ministry, is to observe a time of self-reflection through prayer, fasting, and giving. In other words, I'm a non-denominational Lent observer. Strange, right?  Not really. Jesus needed time alone to think, pray, and prepare.  He had His own wilderness experience before He began His local ministry.  

I think it is important for us to spend time in renewal.  There's no better time like the time leading up to Easter, and there's no better way to self-reflect than to use the greatest example of all - Jesus - and His miracles. Talk about a challenging wilderness experience.  

For this 2019 year, I have decided to chart my experience daily through a little journal, Journey Into My Wilderness, and you can join me.  Each day we will look at a specific miracle Jesus was a part of or performed, and we can reflect how this impacts our own lives.  What can we do to be more like Jesus? What can we learn from His miracles?  How does Jesus want us to help others? 

So, if you are tired of feeling so frustrated... so outdone with the way things are going in our culture, why not take some time to recharge?  Join me!  You don't have to use my journal.  Write your own.  You may want to explore other scriptures as God leads you.  I'm just sharing what I felt led to do.  But here are the dates for the upcoming Lenten Season.  I would love to share the experience with you.

2019 Lenten Fast - March 6th through April 20th

(Sundays excluded from Lenten Fast.)