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Hold the Fort

I have never seen a time when being a Christian has been met with more hate that today.  It seems if we hold any truths self-evident we are misconstrued as hateful, biased, and non-tolerant. I read a quote today where someone likened us to "gaslighted individuals" because many disagree with killing unborn children. Well, just because I don't agree with a person's reasoning, does not mean I do not reason.  And if protecting an unborn child is a cause to label me as "close minded," then I happily embrace the name calling. 

Make no mistake.  We are at war with a very old arch enemy.  He seemingly has gotten a foothold in our American culture.  It's really no wonder. For years we have been trying to build alliances with him. But it is time to draw the line.  It's time to hold fast. The sifting has begun.  Do not allow your experience and relationship with God to falter because of what you see around you and who you see bend. You must arm yourselves for this spiritual war. 

The enemy uses the "love" of God as a weapon against Christians.  He makes you feel if you do not accept all people and what they demand as their rights to do with their lives, then you are not displaying the love of God.  I dare say none of these people are avid Bible readers, for if they were, they would know and understand nothing would be farther from the Truth of God. You would think we would be wise to his tactics. After all, he used the same argument with Adam and Eve. Always trying to interpret what God meant after what God said. 

Make no mistake. America is reaping.  The harvest is not one that I like.  But it is coming. Gear up, warrior princesses.  We are in for a shaking.