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Day 3 - Friday

Having Faith Without Miracles & Wonders

As I read the scriptures for this little walk in the wilderness, I realized that Jesus wanted more from those around Him - He wanted them to believe in Him without having miracles and wonders. OK... I don't know about you, but that got me to thinking - 

  1. Do I ask for miracles, signs, and wonders too often when Jesus simply wants me to trust Him... believe in Him? 
  2. How often do I pray selfishly, when Jesus has a much bigger plan for my life?

But then I also think about how in spite of the reasons why the nobleman asked, Jesus still healed his son.

Of course I would be remiss if I didn't question why Jesus chose to heal the boy from a distance rather than go to the home as He would later do with others.

Finally my last question for this walk - Am I the only person here who seems to read the scriptures seeking even more answers once I'm done? 

Lord I believe in you! Help my unbelief in how you will do things!

Help me to have the faith even if I don't see the miracle!