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Day 2 - Thursday

1st Recorded Miracle of Jesus' Earthly Ministry - WOW!

Do you know what I love most about this story - 2 things - Jesus did it for His earthly mom (Mary) & Jesus' mom had confidence in Him. Oh the things we do for family!  But... one question that comes to my mind for me is "Sarah, what have you done to show extreme faith to your family?"

I think my favorite words in this passage are "DO IT!" 

Do what? Whatever He tells you!

So today, this second day of the journey, what is the Lord telling you? Oh you don't have to answer me, unless you want to... it's a rhetorical question... but I wonder what God is speaking to those of you out there... What miracles does He have in store in which He wants you to take part.

Yes, Jesus actually made water wine... but the servants "did it!" They listened to His command. 

Whatever it is - I want to "do it!"

Help Me to Listen & Respond!

Loving My Wilderness Journey